Why does iCloud-Sync between devices not work as expected?

There are multiple reasons why syncing bookmarks via iCloud does not work. The following suggestions can help to fix the problem.

  • Restart all devices to make sure iCloud-Sync is working correctly.
  • Make sure „iCloud-Drive“ is enabled on all devices in the iCloud section of the system settings.
  • Make sure that Date and Time are set to „automatically“ in the system settings.
  • Sometimes Apple’s servers are down, in this case the problem could fix itself after some time.
  • A reinstallation of Bookmarks could also help.

Will there be a list view for bookmarks?

Yes, this feature is already in development and will be included in a future release of Bookmarks.

Why does Bookmarks not appear in the Share-Sheet?

Unfortunately, this is a known bug in iOS. If Bookmarks does not appear in the list of apps in the share sheet, restart your device. Afterwards, you should be able to add bookmarks from the share sheet in other apps.